# Updating the firmware

To update SD2PSX firmware to the latest version, follow the steps described below.

# Download the latest firmware

Visit GitHub releases (opens new window) to download the latest firmware. Click on the "Assets" text to expand the list, then click on "sd2psx.uf2" to download the latest firmware build.

# Reboot SD2PSX into the download mode

To put SD2PSX into a firmware update mode, follow any of the following options. You should see a new removable USB drive appear on your computer after the device is booted into the download mode:

  • For a freshly manufactured SD2PSX without firmware loaded on it, you can simply plug it in using a USB-C cable
  • For an SD2PSX that has had firmware flashed onto it previously, unplug the USB-C cable, then hold either of the two buttons on top of SD2PSX and plug a USB-C cable while continuing to hold the button
  • If neither of the above worked, you will have to disassemble your SD2PSX and hold the internal button labeled with "BOOT" while plugging in a USB-C cable

# Install new firmware

To install the new firmware, simply copy the sd2psx.uf2 file you've downloaded in a previous step onto the removable USB drive. Use the "Safely Remove Hardware" menu to eject the drive and wait for the SD2PSX to reboot.