# What is SD2PSX?

SD2PSX is an open source and open hardware solution to emulate PS1 and PS2 memory cards, allowing you to store an unlimited number of saves for PS1 and PS2 games.

# What does SD2PSX look like?

SD2PSX stores virtual memory cards on a microSD card (mandatory). The 128x64 pixel OLED display is used to show current system status and together with two front buttons it is used to navigate the settings menu. The front-facing USB-C port is used to install firmware updates.

# What can SD2PSX do?

  • PlayStation 1 support
    • Create virtual memory cards (128KiB) for PS1 game saves; compatible with both PS1 and PS2
    • Launch FreePSXBoot with Unirom or Tonyhax
    • Automatically switch to the correct card when paired with a compatible ODE system
  • PlayStation 2 support
    • Create virtual memory cards (8MiB) for PS2 game saves; compatible with PS2, PSX, and arcade systems
    • Launch FreeMCBoot, OpenTuna, and other exploits
  • Fully open source and open hardware with more features coming in the future!

# How can I get one?

Since SD2PSX is an open hardware project, check with your favorite retro gaming hardware vendor to see if they sell one, as well as places like eBay! You could also build one (opens new window) using the open source files.

# I've just got one, how do I get started?

Follow the Getting Started guide to set up your hardware.