# PS2 Exploit Install

The SD2PSX projects allows you to softmod your PS2 without the need for any other hardware (other than a microSD card reader) or a hacked console.

Two flavors of softmod exploits are supported:

  • FMCB: This will automatically boot into the homebrew menu after the console is powered on. This is the recommended method for most consoles, however it does not work on some late SCPH-900xx models. If you have an SCPH-900xx model, try this method anyway, and move onto the Fortuna section if it does not work.
  • Fortuna: This exploit does not auto-boot. It requires you to navigate into the Browser, then select Memory Card, then go back twice.

To install the exploit, follow the steps outlined below.

# Step 1: Configure SD2PSX for autoboot

First, make sure that you have the CIV deployed.

Next, navigate the menu to "PS2 Settings" -> "Autoboot" and change the setting to "Yes".

# Step 2: Place exploit memory card image onto the microSD card

Download one of the exploit files below - use the top option if not sure which one to pick. Rename the downloaded file to BootCard.mcd and place it under MemoryCards/PS2/BOOT/ on the microSD card so that the full path to the card becomes MemoryCards/PS2/BOOT/BootCard.mcd.

# FMCB Exploit

Name Card Reference
FMCB 1.966 Download Ref (opens new window)
FMCB 1.965 Download Ref (opens new window)
FMCB 1.953 Download Ref (opens new window)
PS2BBL Download Ref (opens new window)

# Fortuna Exploit

Name Card Reference
FunTuna R3 Download Ref (opens new window)
OpenTuna 2.0.0 Download Ref (opens new window)

# Step 3: Using the exploit

Plug the SD2PSX card into your system and power it on. You should see "Card: BOOT" indicated on the SD2PSX display.

  • For the FMCB exploit, the exploit will boot automatically
  • For the Fortuna exploit, you need to navigate to the "Browser" on your PS2, then select the SD2PSX memory card, then go back twice. At that point, the exploit will boot.

After you start a game, to deselect the exploit card and return back to the last-used card, simply press either of the two buttons on the SD2PSX.